Privacy and Confidentiality Policy (WordBinary)

This privacy and confidentiality policy explains to our customers how we protect and use all their personal information. Please read the below points to understand our privacy and confidentiality policy:

  • We are committed to our privacy policy as we never share any information related to our customers with any third party. All the details collected about you are secure and remain confidential at WordBinary.
  • All information collected from customers is used to process the task for which they visited our website. We take all reasonable precautions to guard against unauthorized access to your information.
  • We provide unique and authentic service to our customers.
  • WordBinary does not share any information with anyone regarding our professional writers who assist you with your work. Customers have the right to ask questions regarding the qualifications of our experts but have no right to ask questions related to his/her identity and geographical location.
  • A customer has the right to remove himself if he/she does not want to receive any mail from WordBinary.
  • Payment processing at WordBinary is handled by our online payment partners including Visa, Maestro, and Paypal, who follow their own confidentiality and privacy policies.
  • Kindly note that WordBinary has the right to modify the privacy and confidentiality policy at any moment. Please check our privacy and confidentiality policy often, as requested.
  • Additionally, WordBinary reserves the right to disclose any confidential data if necessary to comply with legal requirements or to protect our rights in court or in a legal procedure.
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